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Welcome Email Strategy

Studies have shown that a welcome email strategy is one of the most crucial points in the relationship. Surprisingly, research also shows that many marketers don’t have one in place.


Use our welcome program strategy blueprint to help you set up and deploy an automated, three-touch email series that allows you to communicate important information and immediately build customer relationships.


The welcome program blueprint will outline the program structure so you can quickly define the appropriate segmentation criteria and create the emails included in the program.


Once you’ve completed the series, the program will run automatically until you make changes.


Win-Back Email Strategy

Subscriber attrition, or “churn,” is a problem for many companies—and one that most would like to fix.


The Win-Back Program Blueprint is designed to do just that. When subscribers stop responding to your emails, it directly impacts the revenue potential of your campaigns.


The Win-Back Program guides you through the process of segmenting your subscribers and creating a multi-touch campaign designed to re-engage subscribers with your program.


Social Influencers Strategy

The Social Influencer Program Blueprint allows you to send targeted messages to subscribers based upon their share activity.


Once they reach each “level” of share actions, you can automatically send them messages that include special coupons, private discounts, access to exclusive information, or just a simple thank you message.


Customers who have become influencers within the customer lifecycle are important to long-term revenue growth. These subscribers have spent their time spreading the word about your products and services, so keep them happy and engaged by sending rewards based on their sharing behavior.