Encourage Customers to Share Your Emails

Encouraging customers to share your emails with their social networks is an excellent way to spread word about your latest promotion, new products, or exciting company news. 


Thanks to our tight integration with Shoutlet, customers can share YOUR emails with friends in over 100 top social networks including Facebook, Twitter, Stumbleupon, Digg, and many more.


Best of all: you do not need a corporate Facebook page or Twitter account to let customers share your emails!


Advanced Email Marketers: Segment by Social Sharing Behavior

In today's competitive world, it's more important than ever to understand your customers' preferences and deliver relevant messages that keep them engaged with your brand.


For example, in just a few clicks you can identify customers who:

  • Have shared emails with any social network, or just a particular social network
  • Over 100 top social networks to choose from


Once you have identified these customers, create powerful email campaigns to reward them for sharing!