Create Easy-to-Use Lists

We make it easy to organize all your customers, prospects, and other contacts.


For example, you may want to create lists or groups for:

  • "2011 Customers," or another for "2010 Customers," etc

  • Prospects from an in-store promotional event

  • Leads from each of your recent trade shows


When sending messages, you can quickly select certain groups to include in your email message, or ensure they are excluded from receiving a message.


Adding customers to the Admiral suite can be done in a few ways:

  • Importing multiple customers in bulk

  • Manually adding individual customers

  • Customer sign-up forms on your website and social sites


Each customer's history is then tracked from the time they are added, ensuring CAN-SPAM compliance for honoring opt-out and other reporting needs.


Advanced Email Marketers: Create Dynamic Segments

Dynamic Segments are essentially saved, real-time queries of your subscriber list.


Now you can automatically:

  • Identify subscribers meeting your criteria (e.g. did not open in last 12 months)  
  • Include and exclude subscribers based on their behavior, saving you valuable time


Triggered Messages

Automatically send a predefined message to subscribers who meet your business rules


Triggered messages are frequently used in "Abandoned cart" email programs, reactivation programs to re-engage inactive subscribers, and "Welcome" campaigns.


Take your email campaign to the next level and increase return-on-investment!