Create Professional Emails

We make it easy for novice AND experienced email marketers to:

  • Create and edit any message before sending
  • Schedule messages for a time in the future
  • Profile customers based on their interaction with your emails


Mobile Technology Built In!

With more people reading email on smartphones each year, it's important to offer mobile-optimized versions of your email messages - streamlined design, reduced graphics.


Our system allows you to:

  • Seamlessly convert your message to a mobile version
  • Track and profile subscribers who click mobile links in your messages
  • Develop special messages tailored to your mobile customers


Welcome Messages

You can create multiple Welcome messages to make sure you send a greeting most relevant to how your subscriber joined your email list.  Some of the ways you can use Admiral's Welcome messaging:


  • Website. Offer a special "welcome" offer to those who sign up through your site.
  • Social media. Send them a message that ties into your social media strategy.
  • Other events. Example: attending a trade show and offering a "show special" to those who signed up for your email program through your Welcome email.


Event Reminders

This feature allows you to email customers based on events and dates important and unique to them..


For example, you may wish to automatically send an email to customers with a special offer three weeks before their birthday. "Dear John, enjoy the special birthday offer inside." 


We give you the flexibility to send messages based on your industry, your company, and your customers! 


Advanced Users: Set Up Recurring Messages

Admiral's "Recurring Message" feature allows you to work smarter and more efficiently, automatically sending emails to customers based on any number of business rules you define.


For example, let's say you want to send Reactivation emails with a special offer to customers who have not opened one of your emails in the last 12 months.  Instead of manually querying your database and going through the message composition process each week or month, you could set up a process to do this automatically.