Add Users and Create Sub-Accounts

Creating additional users and sub accounts enables you to manage different levels of access within the system.


If you choose to enable it, your employees can create messages and submit them for your approval. This way, you can retain control over who sends messages, and the content within those messages.


Monitor Task Progress

Our Task Monitor allows you to see the status of your work.


Example tasks include:

  • Sending messages
  • Exporting or import information
  • Creating groups of customers


Our Task Monitor puts you in control. You can:

  • View Details, Download or Reprocess a task
  • Manage Scheduled and Recurring tasks
  • Edit, Download, Enable, Disable or Delete a task


Larger Companies: Configures APIs and Other Integrations

The flexibility of Admiral eMS puts complete account configuration right at your fingertips. Important settings for businesses include:


  • Default email settings like Send / Reply addresses
  • API settings
  • Integrations such as Shoutlet or SalesForce CRM
  • Double Opt-In (DOI), important for SPAM compliance


Unlike many email applications, Admiral's Email Marketing Suite is designed with the versatility to operate as a stand-alone system, or seamlessly integrate with your existing business systems.